Shipping & Delivery


How do I take advantage of the Free Shipping offer?


Any purchase made on CottonWork.com is eligible for our standard shipping via USPS / Hong Kong Post.

Shipping Method Free if purchase over Est. Time Cost
Standard Air
US$1 5 to14 days Free
EMS Courier
N/A 2 to 5 days US$18


What are the terms and conditions for free shipping?


Our Free Shipping offer applies only to single orders. Combining multiple orders to reach the Free Shipping minimum purchase amount is not allowed, and requests to combine orders for this purpose will not be entertained.

If items are cancelled from an order and the order total falls below the minimum purchase amount for Free Shipping, then a shipping and handling fee will be applied to the remaining items without prior notice. If CottonWork is responsible for item cancellation due to stock issues, then the Free Shipping offer will still apply. Changing your shipping address and shipping options may affect your eligibility for our Free Shipping offer.

CottonWork reserves the right to change or discontinue the Free Shipping offer at anytime.


What is the estimated delivery time?


We try our very best to provide an accurate estimate of the "total shipping time" required including both manufacturing and delivery time.

Our custom made products are normally delivered within about 2-4 weeks depending on delivery option chosen, however the delivery time cannot always be guaranteed. In certain circumstances "Stock Issues", such as when fabric has run out, the dispatch time may increase by a couple of days. We always do our best to maintain the 4 weeks schedule and deliver our goods to your door as swiftly as possible.

If delivery is delayed due to stock issues, CottonWork will inform the relevant customers on a timely basis and will also be responsible for offering Free Shipping or upgrading to Express Shipping Option to the affected customers. 



What can I do if my order has not been received within the Expected Shipping Time?


You can try to track your order via the tracking information provided. We suggest that you wait for a further 7-14 days, since international orders may encounter a general customs inspection. If the order has still not been received after this time, you can contact our Customer Service Department with written confirmation of your shipping address and we shall gladly investigate the matter for you.



What is a reshipment?


Reshipment refers to replacement(s) for returned item(s) or item(s) lost during shipment. Like regular order shipments, reshipments are sent to your shipping address. Depending on the shipping method, you may or may not be able to track its progress.


Any reshipment(s) will be indicated on the relevant Order Details page(s), which can be accessed by logging in to My Account.



Can I cancel my order if it is confirmed lost?


No. If your order is confirmed lost, CottonWork will arrange a reshipment after receiving confirmation of your shipping address. The ship-out time will depend on the availability of your ordered item(s).



Can I choose a refund for any lost shipments?


No. CottonWork will arrange a reshipment instead of a refund for all lost orders. If, however, an the fabric chosen for the order is already out of stock, CottonWork will consider a refund with CottonWork credit.



Why is my order classified as undeliverable?


A package may be classified as undeliverable because of one of the following: an Incorrect Address, Failed Delivery Attempts, or a Refusal by Recipient.



How will CottonWork process my undeliverable package if it is returned?


If your package is considered undeliverable and returned to CottonWork, we will notify the purchaser/receiver by email for a redelivery, In these cases, a reshipping fee will be applied according to our normal shipping rates. In the event that the courier is still in possession of the package, a reshipping fee will not be applied.



How will CottonWork deal with an undeliverable package if the package has been held by the courier agent?


An email notification will be sent asking for confirmation of the shipping address and contact number. Usually no reshipping fee is required, unless the shipment is returned to CottonWork after a certain holding period by the courier.



How can I track my order?


Depending on the method of shipment, You may receive a tracking code (according to the shipping method used) in the confirmation email that is sent once your order has been shipped. You can refer to the below links with tracking number formats to track your order:


HK Postal Service






What VAT is applicable to my purchase?

Purchases on cottonwork.com are transactions in Hong Kong. CottonWork is responsible for the Hong Kong taxation arising from such transactions. You are responsible for paying any additional governmental taxes outside of Hong Kong that maybe imposed on your purchases, including, but not limited to, import duties, sales, use or value-added taxes, however, you maybe eligible for tax relieves. The below import taxation relief summary table is provided for your easy reference. It is for general information only and does not purport to be a complete description. This information was extracted on 30 September 2009 from Hong Kong Post, and may not be accurate or up to date. Please refer to the respective authorities for complete information.

Destination VAT relief threshold 1 VAT payable for items
above the relief threshold
North America    
US USD200 (duty) Please refer to the authorities
Canada CAN$20 6%
European member countries    
UK GBP18 17.5%
Germany EUR22 19%
France 19.6%
Italy 20%
Ireland 21%
Others EU countries 15-25%
Asia Pacific    
Singapore SGD400 5%
Australia AUD1,000 10%
New Zealand NZD50 12.5%
Japan JPY16,666 5%
China RMB 400 Please refer to the authorities

1. Value of goods below which VAT is not applicable
2. VAT payable for certain types of items may vary. Please refer to the corresponding authorities for more details


The information does not constitute tax advice and does not purport to be complete or to describe the consequences that may apply. (Source: www.hongkongpost.com/imailR/eng/intelligence/vat/)






My credit card statement lists an additional fee relating to my transaction with CottonWork.com. Why did this happen?

CottonWork.com is located in Hong Kong and uses PayPal for its credit card transactions. CottonWork Ltd collects payment in the exact amount in USD as it appear on CottonWork.com. Some banks or credit card companies will charge transaction fees for international purchases, which will be reflected on your credit card statement as an extra charge. Please confirm with your bank or credit card company for details of their foreign transaction fees.  


Which currency will you debit from my Credit Card?

Orders with Credit Card payment to CottonWork.com will be settled in USD only. If your Credit Card is billed in another currency, the charge will be converted by your bank into your local currency and should appear on your credit card statement in that currency.

Exchange rate and handling charge queries should be directed to your Credit Card issuing bank.  


Will my credit card and personal information be secure when shopping at CottonWork.com?

Please be assured that CottonWork.com takes the necessary security measures to protect your credit card and other confidential personal information, and DOES NOT release your information to any outside organizations. CottonWork.com uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology to encrypt the information you send us during the Shopping Cart and Checkout process, so that it cannot be read while in transit.

In addition, CottonWork.com is SSL certified, indicating that CottonWork.com has met the requirements of the SSL Certification Program and maintains industry standard technology, security policies and procedures. This certification can be verified by noting the unbroken key (when using Netscape Navigator 3.0 or earlier) or locked padlock icon (when using Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Netscape Communicator 4.0 or later) that appears at the bottom of your browser. 


Will you charge me more than once?

We guarantee that we will never charge you more than the total order amount. Payments on cottonwork.com are processed by secured PayPal services. CottonWork does not have access to your credit card or PayPal account information and will not be able to charge you without your direct authorization with PayPal.

Please refer to www.paypal.com for information relating to payment security. 


Can I pay with someone else's credit card?

Yes, however, for security reason, PayPal or our Accounting Department may contact the rightful cardholder to verify the identity of the cardholder and the order.

Please note that paying with someone else's credit card might lengthen your credit card approving process and you must receive consent from the rightful credit card owner. 


Which card do you accept?

We process payment via secured PayPal services. PayPal may changes the type of credit cards it accepts from time to time. As at 30 September 2009, PayPal honors VISA Card, MasterCard, and American Express Card. As long as your card can be operated on transactions which contain exchange rate, you may use the relevant card to settle your orders. 


Where can I find the Card Verification Code (CVC) number?

CVC (Card Verification Code) is an authentication procedure established by credit card companies to provide greater security for Internet transactions. On a Visa or MasterCard, the CVC is a three-digit number located on the back of the card, usually in the signature stripe or to the right of it. On some cards, the CVC number will be printed on the back of the card after a full reprinting of the credit card number, or the last four digits of the credit card number. On an American Express card, the CVC (called the CID on American Express) is a four-digit code located on the front of the card, usually printed (and not embossed) to the right of the credit card number. Please note the CVC number is a different number than your standard credit card number. 


How can I get a coupon?

We issue coupon to our loyal customers through regular promotional programs or marketing campaigns. The more you purchase, the greater the chance that you will fall into the pool of customers and enjoy greater discount from us. 


Can I use more than one coupon for each of my orders?

No. Only one coupon may be used against each order placed. 


How can I redeem coupons?

Redeeming a coupon is simple and easy, please follow these steps:

1. During the checkout process, you will be asked to input the coupon code in the payment information page. (You may also enter coupon codes from any offline coupons you might have received.)

2. After completing the billing information page, you can review your whole order including the coupon redemption information.






How do I know the fabrics of the shirts I get are exactly what I have chosen?

We make every effort to display the specifications of the fabrics on the Site as accurately as possible. However, as the actual colors you see will depend on your monitor, we cannot guarantee that your monitor's display of any color will be accurate. Also, the visual demonstration on interactive shirt designer is rendered by advanced 3D technology, we believe the demonstration substantially reflects the outlook of the actual product but we cannot guarantee the outlook is always identical. 


Can I touch and feel the quality of the fabrics?

CottonWork is committed to deliver high quality customer satisfaction. Understanding that customers might not have personal touch on the quality fabrics that CottonWork offers, customers can get a free welcome pack which contains samples of fabrics upon request. The free welcome pack can help our customers understand our product and Customers may be able to enjoy special discounts by using the promotional coupon. 


I am not very sure about my measurement, how can CottonWork help?

CottonWork offers various options for our customers to provide measurements that our customers feel comfortable on. There are generally 4 different ways to do so:  

  • Body measurements
    Measurements taken from your body measurements CottonWork tailor based on your perfect fit and the cutting of your choice (Slim, Normal, Loose) 
  • Shirt measurements
    Measurements taken from your preferred shirt 
  • Standard Size
    If you are fairly comfortable with the standard size but not happy with certain part of the fit, you can make adjustments based on the standard size and let us know how you would like. 
  • Mail your shirt
    Send us your preferred shirt, CottonWork takes measurements from the original shirt provided by you. The sample shirt will be returned.

We generally accept a slight variance from the original measurement. We cannot guarantee that your shirt made to the measurements from our size chart will have a perfect fit. CottonWork highly recommends its customers to measure their personal measurements precisely in accordance with the instruction as set out "Measurement Methods". 


Is it possible that two shirts ordered by me might not be identical?

Every shirts sold by CottonWork are made to measure therefore there is possibility that the measurements of two shirts may vary slightly, especially if they were ordered at different times. Also, Shirts made from different rolls of fabric may differ slightly in shade due to normal variations in the dyeing process. If any other problems occur, we will do our best to solve them as soon as possible as we value our customers' opinion. 


How will CottonWork assure quality of my shirt?

CottonWork adopts an effective quality control system and is committed that every shirts sold have been monitored under the system before it is packed for shipment. Every shirts sold by CottonWork are made of high quality selected fabrics, please be aware that sometimes there are visible chalk marks on our shirts which will dissolve after the first washing. 


How should I maintain quality of my shirt after purchase?

Every shirts sold by CottonWork are made of high quality selected fabrics that carry different nature of textile. Therefore, unless otherwise noted CottonWork recommends its customers to use professional laundry service to wash and maintain the shirts. We continuously strive to further improve the quality of our products and introduce more user-friendly materials and guidance to help customer maintain high quality shirts.